Production of calcium carbonate in Italy

In Italy, limestone deposits are numerous, but what makes the difference are its physical and chemical characteristics. Among the various types, only some are excellent for production, such as the limestone we extract from our deposit.

Production of calcium carbonate in Italy

Our process

Production of calcium carbonate in Italy

Our commitment to quality begins with the sourcing of limestone from our carefully cultivated deposits, ensuring adherence to the strictest environmental standards. With an abundance of reserves and minerals boasting exceptional purity, Leone La Ferla Spa stands at the forefront of lime production, poised for a future of endless possibilities.

At the heart of our offerings lies lime, a timeless natural material with a rich history dating back over 4,000 years. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and meticulous production techniques, we transform limestone into quicklime through controlled decarbonation processes. Additionally, our production capabilities extend to hydrated lime, achieved through precise hydration methods.

Lime carbonates

Calcium carbonates, available in a wide range of particle sizes from a few microns to 45 millimeters, are successfully employed in road subgrades and chemical industries.

This diversification in particle size offers flexibility in choosing the most suitable material for specific needs and applications. Thanks to their presence in various size ranges, calcium carbonates meet a variety of requirements, effectively contributing to both infrastructural projects and chemical industrial processes.

Our Products

Production of calcium carbonate in Italy


Particle size 0 – 8 mm

Gravel No. 1

Particle size 8 – 16 mm

Gravel No. 2

Particle size 16 – 45 mm


Production of calcium carbonate in Italy

Lime is a versatile material with various applications, serving as a raw material for the formulation of products such as mortars for construction and chemical compounds.

Foundations of structures

Carbonate is used in the foundations of houses to provide structural stability. Its ability to form strong bonds makes it an essential component to ensure the strength and durability of foundations.

Road subgrades

Used in road subgrade, carbonate acts as a supporting material, providing a solid and resistant base. This contributes to the stability of roads, ensuring a safe and durable surface for vehicular traffic.

Railway works

In the railway context, carbonate is used to ensure the solidity of communication routes. Its presence in railway structures contributes to a sturdy and reliable foundation, essential for the safety and efficiency of rail transport.

Chemical industry

In the chemical industry, carbonate plays a key role as a component in various chemical processes. Its presence contributes to specific reactions, influencing the quality and yield of the chemicals involved.


Production of calcium carbonate in Italy

Production of calcium carbonate in Italy

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